Dan Zhao

Patent Attorney, lawyer

| Professional Qualification:
  Patent Attorney


| Technical fields: 
  Machinery, Automatic Control and Electronics


| Working Languages: 
  English and Chinese


| Education Background: 
  She obtained a bachelor's degree and master's degree from Shandong University of Science and Technology in electronic engineering.


| Working Experiences: 
  She works in Beijing ZBSD Patent & Trademark Agent Ltd. as a patent attorney and lawer.


| Expertise:
  Her expertise is mainly related to patent preparation and prosecution, covering the technical fields like machinery automatics, electronic parts and equipment, autos, etc. She deals with lots of patent cases into China from overseas applicants. Meanwhile, she can also deals with international applications into overseas countries through PCT channel or make separate files into those countries. Apart from the said services, she can deal with patent reexamination cases, invalidation cases, giving effective analyses of patentability and patent infringement. She has offered services of patent application and consultation for lots of large and famous companies in China and foreign countries, as well as some research institutes (including universities) on petrol exploiting and processing, auto manufacture and medical equipment manufacture.

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