Catherine Liu

Vice General Manager

| Professional Qualification:
  She is a trademark Attorney, economist and senior Japanese-Chinese interpreter.

  Before entering IP field, she had worked in Japanese companies for over 10 years. The first company she served is the Joyo Bank Ltd Shanghai Office, and then it is Nomura Research Institute in Shanghai where she was a researcher and consultant. Besides participating specific research programs, she, as a liaison, is responsible for communications and negotiations between the Japanese companies and Chinese governments. In 2006, she joined in Beijing ZBSD Patent & Trademark Agent Ltd and dedicated to the research of IP matters as a manager and consultant. Additionally, she has assisted lots of vital clients on dealing with trademark reexamination, opposition and other controversial cases. Meanwhile, as one of important managers in ZBSD, she offers IP advice for clients as well as safeguards the establishment and the healthy state of relationship with domestic and overseas clients, smoothes the path to successful communications with foreign IP firms, organizes staff trainings for company IP study and edits IP periodicals for issuance. Generally, she has over 10 years of experience on IP practice and liaison protection. Plus, she masters Japanese language as well as its cultures, customs and working styles due to her long-year working in Japanese companies and she can give clients considerate, meticulous and professional services.


| Working Languages: 
  Japanese, English and Chinese


| Education Background: 
  She graduated from Fudan University with a bachelor degree.


| Social Activities:
  She is a member of Chinese Trademark Association, International Trademark Association (INTA), International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI) and Japanese Intellectual Property Association.

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