Jian Shen

General Manager, Founding Partner, Patent Agent, Judicial expertise on Intellectual Property, Lecturer of National Examination of Patent Attorney

I  Experience

Mr. Jian Shen graduated from Zhengzhou University of Technology and started working in the Intellectual Property field since 1992. He founded Beijing ZBSD Patent & trademark Agent Ltd in 2003. Being the general manager of ZBSD, he not only knows the practice of patent prosecution very well, but also has a broad range of experience in dealing with complicated cases relating to intellectual property. He currently concentrates his practice on declaration of invalidation, request for reexamination, patent invalidation administrative litigation, patent infringement cases, contract disputes, unfair competition and judicial expertise etc. His technical fields cover general machinery, mechanical engineering, physics, technology, metallurgy, mining, precision instruments, electronics fields, etc.


I  Typical Cases

1. Shijiazhuang No. 1 Valve Factory Co., Ltd. V. The Patent Reexamination Board of SIPO
2. Changsha Kinglong Cast Co.,Ltd. V. The Patent Reexamination Board of SIPO 
3. Bybupiend Electric Appliances Manufacture Co., Ltd. V. The Patent Reexamination Board
   of SIPO 
4. Wuchang Jile Garment Co., Ltd. V. The Patent Reexamination Board of SIPO
The first three cases have been judged in favor of the party that Mr. Shen represented and have been selected in Typical Cases Analysis on Judicial Review of Intellectual Property in China after Entering WTO (2005)
The fourth one is the first winning case in People’s Republic of China that the party  involved files an administrative lawsuit because it is not satisfied with the examination decision  made by the Patent Reexamination Board on requesting invalidation of utility model. It has  been selected in The Criterion for Intellectual Property Trial (2003) published by Intellectual  Property Publishing House.


I  Membership

Membership of ACPAA (All-China Patent Agents Association) 
Membership of Litigation Committee for Intellectual Property of ACPAA
Collective Membership of AIPPI


From 1992 to 1998, worked as technician and engineer at Institute of Mechanical Information

From 1998 to this day, working in the field of IP agent

In 2000, act as Intellectual Property judicial expert

In 2002, serve as general manager in Beijing ZBSD Patent & trademark Agent Ltd

In2005, serve as member of the Intellectual Property Litigation Committee, ACPAA

Business Domain

Patent prosecution, litigation, IP judicial authentication, etc

Technical Fields:

General machinery, machinery engineering, physics, process technology, metallurgy, mining, precision instruments, electronics, etc


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