2015 ZBSD Annual Meeting rounded off.

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At the beginning of this New Year, ZBSD headquarter in Beijing and its Xi’an Branch office held 2015 Annual Meeting respectively in Beijing Hong Guo Hotel and Da Yan Ta Holliday Restaurant. In the meeting, our managing partner, Mr. Jian Shen delivered a speech in which he confirmed the great contributions and efforts exerted by all staff members and he encouraged them to continue their modest attitudes at work and joint efforts to achieve higher level of our professional services.

In this party, staff members from different offices brought their well-prepared shows, including sitcoms, singing and dancing, dramas and so on, which let everybody enjoy ZBSD collective warmth and enthusiasm. Meanwhile, amid all those shows were lucky-drawing activities that push the whole party up to a climax. Under the careful arrangement and planning of the Personnel Office, every member of ZBSD got a present on that night.

The whole party was ended in a happy atmosphere. It offers a convenient platform for the communications between new and old staffs as well as enhances their understanding with each other and increases their team-work spirits, which lay a solid foundation for their better joint working in the New Year. It is expected that ZBSD will make greater progress with powerful cohesive force to create a much more booming 2016. 



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