Climb Tianyun Mountain in Rain—Team-building Activity Held by ZBSD Head office

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In order to enrich ZBSD’s staffs’ leisure life, and to relieve the work pressure, ZBSD organizes all staffs in head office of Beijing to climb mountain in May. Though it is raining that day, but the air is very fresh, and everywhere is green, and it is such a joyful experience.

From 10 a.m., all staffs are gathered at the foot of the mountain, and after almost 5 hours, the activity came to an end. All staffs then gathered at a farm house at the foot of the mountain to enjoy a very luxury dish together. It is such an unforgettable experience, and everyone is very relaxed and excited during the whole activity. At about 17 p.m., all staffs is getting back to the city by bus safely.

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